Wow, Modern Dating… By Darren G.


This is what dating feels like and to be honest, this is what dating is for so many people.

Let’s text back and forth for 5 weeks and then 3 weeks after that, we can decide if we need to meet up or not….preferably in a public place on a Monday afternoon for 15 minutes because I have absolutely nothing to do anyways and I want to get an overpriced latte so I may as well make use of my time.

As a dating coach I have the unfortunate experiences of hearing this time and time again. For years, our society has been moving away from the seriousness of dating. Hiding behind our smartphone devices etc has produced a socially unprepared dating culture that for some reason, has become widely acceptable and almost the norm. I spend a lot of time and encourage many people to kick the texting habits and demand an actual phone conversation with a potential “date”. I mean really, who has the time to waste on emotionless text messages that for the most part, produce nothing in the end. It’s time you can never get back, ever. Phone conversations oddly enough, show a certain amount of interest and commitment for working towards a date in a timely manner. Nobody would waste 5 weeks of phone calls with the same person however many do this using text messages. It’s cold, a waste of time and is having a tremendous negative impact on your dating life.

Dating Coach Darren G

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