6 Top Things To Keep In Mind When Dating…

6 Top Things To Keep In Mind When Dating…

By Eve Greenow – http://evegreenow.com

I started my blog, Never Settle, a few months after exiting a long term relationship, and it took me a long time to decide whether what I was doing was the right thing. I constantly worried that I’d never find anyone again to love me, or that I’d have to face all my insecurities in opening up to a new person. But when I was single, I genuinely felt like I regained myself again. I became bubbly, chatty – confident, my old jokey self who thrived in a crowd. I’m so glad that I didn’t settle for the relationship I was in simply because I was scared of leaving. Then Never Settle was born! I found my next relationship after a year, when I was completely myself, enjoying time with my friends and family and I was at my peak confidence: I wasn’t looking for a relationship, I was meeting new people, talking to everyone, and it happened naturally.


I think when you’re newly single and dating it’s easy to worry A LOT about finding “the one”, you have this perfect person in your head and sometimes it’s easy to focus only on finding a partner. But in reality, you should be just enjoying being yourself.


1) If you’re newly single: give yourself a break. You’ll only hurt others that you rebound with. If you’re new to dating and are excited: then fantastic! But don’t get too worked up about timelines or “needing” to find someone. It’ll happen when you least expect it.


2) Formulate a life where you are happy being with yourself. Yeah, being alone can be really… well, shit. But the best thing is: you have goals, a career, friends and something to work towards, you have a great life, so meeting someone will simply add to it, rather than be your purpose for living.


3) Ditch the checklist, it’s one of the biggest mistakes in dating. The perfect “ideal” person, is just that: it’s an ideal which doesn’t exist, and you’ll miss out on all the great people who would be brilliant for you. When you meet someone who feels right, who makes you laugh and smile, who you feel a connection with: it ceases to matter if they tick off every single thing on our list.


4) It’s natural to have a guard up because you don’t want to get hurt, and it may take a while to take it down. But by keeping it up and tarring everyone with the same brush – you’re only denying yourself love. It is worth it.


5) Avoid revolving your life around one person, and try and meet as many new people as possible – and talk to everyone! Even if you’re shy, sometimes it just takes putting yourself in new situations to get used to it – The Dating Show Live is the perfect start!

6) If someone says they don’t want a relationship…. they don’t want a relationship. End of. Don’t try to change them, cause it won’t work.

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