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Tips, Information about Dating Safely At The Dating Show Live and after.

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It is important to protect yourself when meeting strangers.  One of our official Apps, @TheDICEApp (download on iPhone or Android) helps you be safe.  By using the personal protection App, you will be asked for information that will be shared your friend or family.  Here are some crucial tips @TheDICEApp recommend:-

We have put together some key safety rules: -

Dating before the Expo:-

1. Always meet in a busy, accessible, public venue. 

2. Always tell someone where you will be and when you will be home.

3. Never let your date pick you up/ drop you off - take a cab/drive.

4. Always check in with a friend part -way through to let them know you are safe. Trust your gut here, if the date feels ‘off’ in any way get your friend to come and get you!

5. Make sure that friend has the details of the person you are meeting so they can relay that information if anything happens. Check in when you get home, so they know all is well. 

6. It sounds obvious but remember to make sure your phone is fully charged before you go out so you can get in touch with people.

7. Do not share workplace or social media info etc as you may not want this person to find you if your date doesn’t go well.

And now for some less obvious ones...

8. Be obvious about your safely check-ins with friends etc even if this feels uncomfortable at first. Any good date will see this as you are taking sensible steps, any predator will see this as a deterrent. 

9. If a date objects in any way to you taking responsibility for your safety, leave, immediately. Do not be made to feel that you have offended your date. This person doesn’t have your best interests at heart and that is a clear fail in the future partner stakes plus it could be indicative of a potential threat. 

10. And please remember that one date doesn’t mean you know someone! Please, please, please maintain these behaviours until you feel you know enough about this person to reduce them. And then do that slowly, one step at a time! 

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Coming to the Dating Show Live

  • Connect through our recommended App, PIIN to see people who are single at the show. You can chat through the app. We advise you don’t share personal details like your address and postcode, or where you work to anyone.
  • Don’t connect on Facebook or social media.  We cannot guarantee the background of the visitors attending the Show.
  • Please do not go home alone with any other visitor that you do not know after the Show.
  • Don’t give personal information about your finances to people you don’t know.

MeetnMatch focus on dating for those with learning disabilities.  They have some great dating advice:- 

MeetnMatch will be at the Show to give support and advice for those dating with learning disabilities. 

If you would like advice or support before the Show, please contact:

01254 457026

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Umbrella will be at the Dating Show Live offering advice on sexual health.  If you’re a resident of Birmingham or Solihull, you can visit their website now to order your FREE and CONFIDENTIAL self-testing kit to use at home.


Find them on Facebook and Twitter for more.

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