All of our Experts will be in the Sitting Room over the two days at The Dating Show Live. 

Book your one to one session from five weeks before the Expo, six for VIP.

Can’t wait?  Chat with them now  - send your question and they will respond within 24 hours.

Get love and life advice from some of our experts!

In The Sitting Room


Influencer, Blogger and Dating Expert


Eve is influencer, blogger and dating expert. Her regular blog has helped thousands of young women take charge of their dating experiences which lead to success. She is now in a loving relationship and some fantastic dating advice.  Eve will be in our Sitting Room to take any of your questions one to one.

Catch her dating blogs here and ask Eve any of your dating questions

Lara Asprey

Ultimate Matchmaker & Dating Expert

Lara Asprey

As founder of Asprey Introductions Lara Asprey has matched hundreds of couples over her career and knows first-hand what it takes to make or break a relationship..  Lara and her team from TV's Ultimate Matchmaker will be on hand in the Mixer each afternoon to help you find the right match.  Ask Lara questions about dating British guys and her book.

Stefan Pierre-Tomlin

(aka Mr Tinder)

Stefan Pierre-Tomlin

Stefan was given the title Mr Tinder when they discovered he was the most swiped man.  Stefan is happy to share his tips with you, chat about how to get online dating to work with you and how to avoid being ghosted. Stefan will be in “Sitting Room” throughout the weekend for a “one to one” chat.

John Scott

Celebrity Fashion Expert

John Scott

John Scott, TV Presenter and best known for 10 years being the resident fashion expert at This Morning. John understands woman and what makes any woman, any body shape, abled or disabled look great. John will be working with our visitors on “live makeovers” in conjunction with JD Williams and Simply Be at the Style Station as well as being on hand for advice.

Feel free to ask John any fashion advice.

Carl Thompson

Male Lifestyle and Style Expert


Carl is our Male Lifestyle and Style Expert. With his own clothing brand, Hawkins & Shepherd, Carl is respected within the fashion industry as a influencer and blogger with a keen eye for men’s fashion.  He has advised a wide range of men of all ages on how to maximise what they have, within their budget.  Carl will be found in the Find Me Attractive Zone working with men to achieve their own style and will work with our male catwalk show.  Carl has some great tips for men for dating – see his blogs.

Gary Cockerill

Celebrity Makeup Artist

Gary Cockerill

Gary is a renowned Celebrity Makeup Artist who has worked with some of the biggest names in the UK.  Many celebrities will only work with Gary because of his ability to transform you from average to “goddess” with a flick of his magic touch.

Gary will be at the Show to give a live demonstration but if you can’t wait, why not ask Gary for some makeup tips or makeup advise?

Darren Stanton

"Human Lie Detector"

Darren Stanton

Darren is affectionately known by the media as the Human Lie Detector thanks to his ability to instantly unravel the tics and tells that give away our lies and deceit that we think we can hide so well and is the leading expert on Body Language, Motivation and influencing and predicting human behaviour.  Darren will be on stage over the weekend to give you an insight into his world and tips so you can identify when your date is lying to you.

Rosemary Hill

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor


Rosemary is a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor trained in the person centred approach. Past trauma, whether in childhood, teenage or beyond with past relationships, can have an enormous impact on our current and future relationships. Rosemary helps you heal your past to allow you to move on.  Find our Agony Aunt, Rosemary in the Sitting Room to go through any past trauma or relationship/dating questions.  Ask Rosemary any questions about toxic relationships, narcissists and how to move on from past bad experiences.

DR Aurthur Cassidy

Celebrity Doctor

Dr. Arthur Cassidy is a well established Social Media and Celebrity Psychologist who has appeared on Sky, BBC and ITV and is often asked for his expertise. Dr Arthur specialises in what is Sexual Chemistry and what makes a good relationship.  Dr Cassidy will be waiting for you in the Sitting Room to give you advice at the Show to attract the right partner.  Ask him any questions.

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